“Someone mocked me and asked if it was stand-up comedy. I say it’s a sit-down comedy, because it’s me and the chairs are in the scene,” joked Pedro Paulo Rangel, talking about the play “The Actor and the Wolf,” which returned to the stage after a two-year hiatus from the premiere. Before, from the epidemic. The monologue now at the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim mixes history with the curious life stories of the actor Antonio Lobo Antunes, a Portuguese writer, that brings emotion and laughter to the audience.

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Good humor has been a constant in the 53-year career of the 74-year-old Carioca, who most recently sang “Where Are You?” This famous question was raised. “Vale a pena ver de novo” the Globe during a replay of “O Carnation and the Rose” on TV. He played the charismatic backward Calixto in Valsir Carrasco’s storyline.

This novel made me very happy. They’ve shown it a few times, which is always fun. I worked with a very dear friend, Soleil Franco (translator of Mimosa). Certainly, Calixto is a character that has delighted me and the audience. This is one of my favorite works, I did with Jô Soares and the monologue “Sermão da Quarta-Feira de Cinzas”, in which I lived Father Antonio Vieira. Laughter even… comedy haunts me. And this profession is very special, we work for the convenience of people – notes PP, as his friends fondly call him.

Pedro Paulo Rangel and Sully Franco in “O Cravo e Rosa”: Calixto and Mimosa Photo: Instagram Clone

The veteran insists: Contrary to what has been peddled online recently, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), with which he has been living for two decades, has never stopped him from working.

– Like most people it stopped during the epidemic. This year I returned to television to participate in Luis Fernando Carvalho’s series “Independências” on TV Culura (played in English as a librarian in the fifth episode). I’m fine, ready. I have never been disabled. You can send me invitations, which I will accept, no matter what – he warns, determined to avoid only soap operas: – There was a time when I did theater and opera at the same time. She returned to stage to perform in Portugal and shoot scenes in Rio. I don’t want anymore. I prefer short business, because telenovelas are ten months of fighting. And I’m not a boy anymore, right?

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PP, a resident of Copacabana, usually travels around the neighborhood on a motorcycle, losing his breath while hiking. COPD came to light after years of cigarette addiction.

I quit smoking in 1988, last century. I followed a healthy lifestyle, learned to swim, went to the beach… and in 2002 I found out that I was sick. I didn’t feel sick, I realized. It is betrayal. When she appears, she no longer has a chance. But as long as I take the medicine I can live well. I do physical therapy, physical activities with a figure … – says the actor, adding: – If I really regret, it is that he started smoking. If I see a smoker, I say: “Don’t do that, look at my position.” Then I tell you some sad things to impress you. These days, I’m just addicted to soap operas, I love them!

Pedro Paulo Rangel in the play “The Actor and the Wolf” Photo: Gisela Schlugel / Disclosure

Alone in his apartment, he used a system for potential emergencies:

– If you feel something, press a button and help will come soon. Loneliness is beautiful to live, loneliness is hard sometimes. But I have many friends and I am always with them. Despite this monologue, “The Actor and the Wolf” involves many people, I never feel alone.

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The love of theater is also reflected in the skin. The mask, symbol of art, became his first tattoo when he was in his seventies:

– When I grew up, I started tattooing myself (laughter). On my right hand, I have masks, the crab representing my sign (Cancer) and Van Gogh’s Moon, which is my ruling planet. Now, I’m not stopping. I am already here studying the space for the fourth drawing, Orixa, Oxalova. I want it off as a bracelet.

Paolo Vieira, Salgadinho and Yuri Martial support Eddie Jr. in front of the comedian’s building

If the nickname PP refers to short, this veteran of the drama, 1.60 meters tall, ensures that short stature has never been an obstacle in the artistic path.

– On TV, “I Committed” Heart (dirsue) in “Saramandia” (1976), Check it out! And theater has always been very generous. It accepts whites, blacks, yellows and tribals, up and down, fat and skinny. My short stature has never harmed me in my life, as I cannot reach the top shelf and always have to use a chair. That’s it. Otherwise, everything is great!

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“The Actor and the Wolf”

Laura Elfem Theater: Av. Vieira Soto 176, Ipanema – 2332-2016. Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.; Sunday evening at 7 p.m. 50 Brazilian Real. 60 minutes. till November 13 (no presentation until October 30). 14 years.

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