Peas fight and exchange insults during dynamics: "Arrogant!"


“Honesty, that’s one thing. You can be a loyal person, but you cross all the boundaries and then your honesty is erased and the ego stays there, you stand out,” Bewa blasted.

Farm 14: Peas fight between mobility and exchange insults:
Farm 14: Peas are fighting between dynamics and exchanging insults: “Buzzy!”. Photo: PlayPlus Play.

Those who lived saw the confusion of farmers Papi and Devlan in A Fazenda 14 (Record TV), who had a nasty row during Sunday Night Dynamics (23). Exchange vows. It all started when the actress chose the symbol “pride” to describe the lawyer, and then there was a clash between the whites.

“Honesty is one thing. You may, yes, be an honest person, but you cross all the lines and then your honesty is lost and the ego remains there, it appears. You are the master of truth, you are beyond any conscience.And that Dillon said things interrupted: “could be faster”she said, scoffing at the concerned pawn’s analysis.

The sinner did not leave him and quickly sent a note: “She doesn’t like to listen, she complains, she’s arrogant because it’s my moment and she talks about it. It is good that we are completely different people”The actress replied. Since then, Both started insulting each other. “You talk too much. you are tired you are tired Thank you very much.”Dylan said.

The lawyer continued to defend her position: “I would rather be arrogant than be like you. You are dull, loveless, tired, you have no idea how much these three qualities define you. A proud man’s kiss”And that MC Kevin’s widow Dr. “I have to laugh. My dear, who are you to say that I am lovable?”Babi asked, “A woman without love is unhappy.

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