After being fired in Paredão with Domitila Barros and Caesar BlackGabriel Fube gave a message to the stranded brothers BBB 23 (Globo) and the passionate Paula at home.

Jibril: “Hey, how are you? I’m back here, I didn’t even have time to waste, but I came to say a word. Everything I’ve been through is so intense, no matter the game, everything. I want you to be strong. We the way i used to play i think my favorites are already here they know who they are have fun there’s still time because time doesn’t seem to pass but so fast i’ll follow you no matter what i do be happy and each of you Want a hug. Thank you.”

As soon as ex-BBB appeared on the big screen in the living room, the sister started crying. She burst into tears in the garden.

Paula: “The only person I trust. Damn *Gabriel! Oh come on! You didn’t have to be like this. You were supposed to be here. Dude, if you’re listening now, I love you!”

Second elimination

Gabriel Fop was the second to leave BBB23 (Globo) On the wall opposite Domitilla and Caesar. previous case Anita He won 53.3%, Dumitilla 46.09%, Cesar 0.61%.

A total of 100,089,771 votes have been counted on Gshow. During the live broadcast of the event, Paredão’s volume reached over 300,000 sounds per minute.

Poll UOL BBB 23: What fired Gabriel in Paredao II?


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Playback / Globoplay


Playback / Globoplay


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Playback / Globoplay

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