Paola Carosella, 50, was banned from the SPFW parade (São Paulo Fashion Week) tonight (26). The host and chef said in this column Splash This will be the first fashion show in her life that she will participate in, but unfortunately she is excluded.

“I stayed out. I was on the list, banned. I think there was confusion. I arrived at 7:12pm, but it wasn’t written that the show would start at that time, and then it closed. I was dying to see her. I will continue to fantasize about beautiful clothes,” she said, honoring the news of the chic fashion brand Dendezero.

The presenter and chef said that this will be her first fashion show. “I’ve never been to a parade in my life. My first parade was outside,” he said.

new love

The new boyfriend continues to describe to the media. “He is humble. He has gone to get drinks. He is a sweetheart. Me.” [apaixonada]. I think what becomes an agenda is not personal. She said, who joked with her boyfriend and told her not to run away from conversations with the press at certain times.

TV projects for this year:I just finished recording Alma de Cozinheira and there are two seasons on GNT that run in December, the YouTube channel and Restaurants, we are there.”


Next, a columnist interviewing the presenter at the launch party of Minha Mae Cozinha Melhor Que A Sua on Globo wanted to know “what it feels like to be cosmopolitan”. From the first conversation, she still didn’t feel the taste.

I guess I don’t know yet, being global covers a lot of things and spans. I think that term was fixed in a period when the shape of being global I guess or I don’t have the right word? I’m having fun, I’m taking good care of myself in the new house. I am really happy. paola

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