Pantanal: Cristiana Oliveira, the first 'Friday', impresses while recording the final chapter: 'Everyone's history'


Bruno Luberi’s storyline will air till October 7

Clone / Instagram Christiana Oliveira - Reproduction - Manchetti TV
Clone / Instagram Christiana Oliveira – Reproduction – Manchetti TV

Actress Christiana Oliveira, First Friday PantanalShe became emotional while recording the final scenes of Bruno Luperi’s remake, which was shown on TV Globo. Along with most of the actors, the celebrities revealed their emotions during the recording. In an interview with Extra newspaper, she said that the meeting between Marcos Palmyra and Almer Sater was very affectionate.

“It was great to exchange new artists with us! A mutual respect for everyone’s history… but the feeling of seeing Marcus again [Palmeira] and Mir [Sater] You messed with me. I haven’t seen Marquinhos in years. We always talked on WhatsApp, I followed his invitation to be Zé Leôncio from the beginning, but we were not together”she said

Christiana credits the meeting of Giovanna Gould, Ingra Liberato, Ziva and Madeleine, who created the original version of the plot. “Now, that meeting was face-to-face and, at the same time, memories. I had seen Ingra and Giovanna before, but seeing them again was very special”The artist reported.

The novel is ending! It will be on air until October 7 and looks set to feature special appearances by the artists who created the first edition in 1990, Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

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