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Barbara Borges should win Farm 14 and earned 1.5 million Brazilian reals. Paqueta’s ex Pia Miranda and Iran Malfitano face off in the grand finale of reality show Recorder. The final trio were decided on Tuesday night (13) after Pele Melfelos was eliminated. He got only 5.88% of the votes in private polls🇧🇷

In a survey news🇧🇷 Which has received more than 114 thousand votes since this text was published, the actress remains an audience favourite. She has 68.03% votes. Then Gretchen’s granddaughter appears at 27.51%. The actor, on the other hand, doesn’t see a chance to leave the third spot, scoring only 4.46%.

In the UOL poll, which received more than seven thousand votes, Papi also leads, with 65.94%, She was followed by Piya with 30%, while the actor got 4.06% support.

On Thursday (15) the day of the final match, the pawn with the highest number of viewers’ choice will be decided as the biggest winner during the live show. Who will win the R$1.5 million dispute? Take the survey below:

Polls are not scientific in nature, they only reflect the viewership of A Fazenda 14. Voting for the finals takes place on R7, the official website of the record, and the champion will be announced in the live edition. Program, by Adriane Galisteu.

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