Pig became a quirky online horoscope, catapulting Noodle to internet fame.

Noodle the Pig, who gained viral fame last year as a sort of internet oracle predicting how your day should go, has died. its owner said on Saturday.

Jonathan Graziano said on TikTok and Instagram, “I’m so sorry to say this, but Noodle passed yesterday. He was at home, he was in my arms – and it’s incredibly sad.” “I wanted to encourage you to celebrate this as we navigate this sadness.”

Graziano, who has taken care of Noddle for the past seven years, said the pig was 14-and-a-half years old and reached a lot of people with his predictions: “He’s made millions happy. What a race it is. “

Noodle’s popular Tik Tok videos had a simple premise: Graziano would gently lift a sleeping dog to its feet. If the noodle fell back to the ground, it was a “no bones” day. If the noodle caught the day and stood still, it was a “bones” day.

Graziano explained the daily predictions. In today’s show Last year: “A no bones day is a day where you just have to go after your ambitions or an errand you’ve been out and about. A no bones day is a day when you just wear soft clothes, Self-care is allowed. Bathing.”

Noodle and Graziano’s accounts added 4.5 million followers on TikTok and 271,000 followers on Instagram. Pugh even starred in one. Children’s book About the importance of self-care.

“Thanks for loving him, thanks for hugging us.” Graziano said in an emotional video.

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