Save yourself if you can. Sixth night, with heat, rain and maximum capacity in the VIP area Rock in Rio 2022 left nothing for ‘author’ smugglers or international artists. The atmosphere was chaotic, this column was Splash Account details.

Around 9 p.m., “Vipão” – who gets the most famous tickets and has R$3,000 tickets – was unreachable. 40 minute lines to eat, full bath, people sitting on the floor, so frustrating famous peopleAs mentioned in this column, Banned and not admitted to “private kindergarten”. From promoter Carol Sampaio.

In this chaotic situation, an actress at Globo, the column will keep her name, screamed in the face of a famous businessman. “Don’t scream, please calm down, they are filming,” asked the businesswoman.

The actress was not satisfied with having to wait to enter the most VIP area. Her neighbors, Luisa Sunza and Telminha, were extremely unhappy about the situation.

Jasmine Brunet – also Barred – When I learned that the columnist was trying to report on the chaos that had ensued, I asked her first name, last name, and what journalistic outlet it was. The model also made several calls in a space where almost nothing could be heard.

Carlinhos Maya, Jasmin Brunet and Larissa Manuela didn’t have VIP wristbands for Rock in Chest in Rio

Photo: Lucas Basin/Splash

A little further from the door led to the “kindergarten”, Tik Tok’s Dancing Queen – Vanessa Lopez was also waiting for her release. She wanted to see Camila Cabello’s show and said in a conversation with the column, “It wasn’t easy for her.”

Conversations are dominated by politics

Political topics dominated the evening’s celebrity interviews due to the proximity of the election. Some strayed from the topic. Like Juliana PaceWhich, after being popularized in the past by video clips citing “communist fantasies,” has brought the issue back into question.

Marcio Garcia said he won’t say his opinion so it won’t affect anyone, but he took advantage of the topic to talk about Sergio Moro, who he has already supported in the past. He said, “It’s the mistakes you make that you learn from.

Vava de Belém was the sixth day of rock music in Rio and discussed the political situation

Photo: Leo Franco / AgNews

Singer Wawa de Belem Also enjoy and comment on night shows Jair Bolsonaro They say it is “complicated”. She laughed and said, “I thought it was too pretentious.”

The hottest night

Coldplay’s show, on the sixth night of the Rock in Rio series, made the festival the most celebrity-packed edition yet.

In addition to those previously mentioned in this report, in attendance Bruna MarquezineMurillo Benicio, Giovanna Antonelli, Rodrigo Farrow and Octavian Costa With Flavia Alessandra.

Celebrities enjoyed a sixth day of rock music in Rio

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