Simon After separating from these two, he has a chance to start afresh Simon And that Cimmeria. The end of the lineup surprised fans, but now they know how to deal with the end of the group. However, both of them have made it clear that they intend to have a solo career.

At least that’s what everyone expected. Because Simone announced this week, on October 11, that she will be taking to the stage to sing with the singer. Priscilla Cinawhich will burn a new DVD into it. format RecifeAnd that Pernambuco. Revelations says it will be the first time Simone has seen “her new solo career in full view.”

Priscilla She thanked her friend and celebrated the former couple Cimmeria before calling. “I am so happy and excited that you are a part of another chapter in my story!The artist wrote. It is worth noting that even after the pair ended, Simone was still responsible for implementing the performance schedule left behind by the formation.

Rock in Rio

Recently, a follower asked the singer why she is not inside Rock in RioThe festival is famous for its celebrity feasts. said in social network.

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