If the Virgin lights a black candle under a full moon on October 31, Winnie, Sarah, and Mary, three sisters executed in Salem in 1663 for witchcraft, will be resurrected. So says the legend of the story “Abracadabra,” a movie that came out almost 30 years ago and is now getting a sequel on Disney+..

Once again starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, the feature revisits the idea of ​​action and brings its protagonists into the present world, making them fear aspects of technology such as archetypes. Female voice of virtual assistants – which they think is, of course, very powerful witch stuff.

This time, the trio are on a witch hunt, rather than seeking indirect revenge for the man who led them to the gallows in the 17th century – so, they go after someone with the last name.

This time the witches reclaim Becca and Izzy – played by Whitney Peek and Belisa Escobedo – two high school teenagers who accidentally performed the ritual. Since the virgins have never faced collagen-thirsty witches, they find themselves facing an attack that they must reverse.

References to the first film feature heavily in the sequel, pleasing fans with its nostalgic appeal. One of the central characters in the new feature is Gilbert – played by Sam Richardson – a mysterious art dealer who claims to have seen a witch on Halloween night in 1993, the date the first story takes place. He also reappears as zombie Billy Butcherson, played by Doug Jones.

The sequel “Abracadabra” will premiere 30 years on Friday, but the rumors and expectations surrounding it are old. Fifteen years ago, Midler expressed interest in filming a sequel to the 1990s hit comedy, and speculation has been swirling about the possibility of a new film ever since.

In an interview to the press, the actress confirmed Feminist stuff Part of the horror experienced by countless women in medieval and modern times – albeit mildly – ​​is the film’s description of the burnings and executions of what the Catholic Church believed to be witches.

“In a strange way, these three personalities are very positive for us women,” says Midler. “First, because they have a lot of fun, which they don’t let us have. Second, they are very loyal to each other. Although their relationship is like a roller coaster of emotions, they have a strong bond. They are always together.. The bonds of friendship and brotherhood are very important.

Letters with feminine content They also appear in the new film, where magicians give speeches from 2022, even though the characters are from the 17th century – which might seem far-fetched. The film also features jokes about virginity and the onset of sexuality.

“There’s a lot going on in this world that we haven’t noticed in the last 25, 30 or 50 years,” says Midler, who also aims to honor the first film by adapting the new “Abracadabra” for new generations. .

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