Characters played by Jessica Sodre and Leonardo Maggiorin in Senhora do Destino

actress Jessica SudriWho played the character Lady Diana In the TV series “Señora do Destino” (2004-2005), he radically changed his appearance and surprised how he is today.

Since the end of the novel Jessica Sudri He disappeared from the media and did not appear in any other relevant role. Apart from the same previous fame, the actress was in the plot “Prova de Amor” (2005-2006) on Record TV.

17 years after her biggest breakthrough, the actress who gave her life Lady Diana Interview with O Globo. NewspaperShe said that despite the change in her appearance, she is still recognized on the street as a soap opera character by audiences following the storyline of Aguinaldo Silva.

Jessica Sudri From the end of the 9pm telenovela he was shocked to recognize her after all these years: “I think it’s incredible because it’s been ten years now and people always ask me, ‘Did you play Mrs. Diane?’ . The Angolan audience connects me on social networks, “said Prashid.

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at this moment, Jessica Sudri The viewer assumes an unexpected romantic relationship and marries another woman. She runs a party animation company, has a YouTube channel and works as a drama teacher teaching drama classes.

Jessica Sudri, Lady Witch of Senhora do Destino, before and after (Image: Clone)

The actor has passed Shaolin Perengyu

Actor Leonardo Meguren, who gave life to the furious Shaolin, the father of Lady Diane’s son, in the plot of the TV series “Señora do Destino”, is completely different these days. More mature and full, the very skinny boy was more handsome than ever.

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However, like many artists, the Covid-19 pandemic took its toll Leonardo Megurenwho was unemployed. For this reason, the actor, who had already scored several songs such as “Mulheres Apaixonadus” and “Presenca de Anita”, was forced to go back to live with his parents.

Leonardo Meguren He rented his property in São Paulo, moved back to live with his parents, and thus secured his expenses through the rental value he received. It is not easy for anyone.

Leonardo Maguire now
Leonardo Maggiore Currently (Clone)

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