Gone are the days of MoviePass where you could see as many movies as you wanted in theaters for $10 a month. But a new version of the company is relaunching soon.

WASHINGTON — MoviePass, the movie theater subscription service that appeared to be too good for the real deal, has shut down. Returns. But don’t expect the same deal this time around.

The previous iteration actually started in August 2017 by offering users the ability to watch a movie every day of the year for as little as $10 per month. It was a great setup for a while, but eventually MoviePass had to raise prices, limit access to certain movies and limit the number of movies its subscribers could see each week.

It closed for good in mid-September 2019. Now nearly three years later, MoviePass is planning its return to the big screen.

While details are limited on how the new operation will work, the company posted on its website that the new “Movie Pass beta service” will be relaunched around Labor Day.

According to the siteThose interested in joining the MoviePass beta app will have to sign up to the waitlist – which will be open for 5 days starting at 9am on Thursday.

The website notes. That the new MoviePass won’t be available nationwide at first. Instead, markets will be determined in waves “based on the waitlist in each market as well as the engagement level of exhibiting partners’ locations.”

So how much will the new Movie Pass cost?

The company says there will be 3 pricing tiers for those who sign up after being on the waitlist: $10, $20 or $30. The site notes that those prices may vary “by market.”

“Each level will receive a certain amount to spend on movies each month. More details to come,” the website says.

MoviePass claims the new service will include all major theater chains that accept credit cards in the US.

Business Insider reporter Jason Guraccio, who was the first to report the relaunch plans, Movie pass card photo shared. For new service.

A lot has changed since MoviePass first launched. The movie theater industry is still facing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and other impacts including major chains. AMC Theatre And Regal Cinemas They have their own successful membership services with millions of users.

As of Sunday, the $3.3 billion in ticket sales this summer still trailed summer 2019 by about 20 percent, according to data firm Comscore.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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