Moranginho made a tough decision after Dulan and Petala left TV news

Ellen Cardoso, Strawberry ShortcakeI breathed about the withdrawal of Diolani Bezerra and Petala Barreiros D Farm 14🇧🇷 After the week’s exit, the dancer admitted that she considered hitting the bell after losing both collaborators. “Although I was very upset on the field [falsa]I stopped and thought. “

Naldo’s wife Benny spoke about the visit to the rural world in an interview with the program Hora do Faro, which will be broadcast on Record Screen on Sunday (11). She mentions her return to Reality HQ after Barbara Borges’ faux hot seat.

“I’m thinking about: Are we canceled? Is group A cancelled? If it’s revoked, it’s their right to do what they think is best to protect themselves or protect themselves or try to fix what’s going wrong,” Strawberry Shortcake said.

The dancer also weighed in on Devlan and Peta’s reasons for exiting the game, but highlighted her decision to continue despite doubts about her future in captivity:

I know on TV. I am a TV producer. They came with the internet. different They think differently. Although I was very impressed with the garden, I stopped and thought. Two days later, I spoke to Pia: “I’m glad we didn’t go.”

He exits the game

Ellen Cardoso, Strawberry Shortcakefrom Farm 14 Thursday night (8). She tied with dancers Andre Marinho (53.38%) and Pia Miranda (33.58%) for 10th place in the season. With only 13.04% of the votes, she lost her chance to earn R$1.5 million. With Devlen and Petala withdrawing, Gretchen’s granddaughter becomes the last A faction representative in the game.

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