Model almost dies after forgetting to remove tampon for 3 months

Irish model Maura Higgins

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Irish model Maura Higgins31, revealed that he died of toxic shock syndrome after forgetting to take a tampon for three months.

“I’m not a doctor, I don’t know much about it (the syndrome), but I know you shouldn’t keep it on longer than a tampon, I think nine o’clock, I think that’s the limit. I had a tampon inside for three months. When doctors found it, it was stuck in the cervix. And I was very sick. I didn’t know what was going on… Shop with Keith Lemon.

Elsewhere, Maura explained that noticing tampons isn’t always possible. “Young girls might not realize, for example, when you go out at night, and you’re really drunk and you forget about it, like, these things really happen and people don’t talk about them.”

Toxic shock syndrome is most often associated with tampon use in young women, but it can affect anyone of any age — including men and children — and can be fatal if not treated promptly.

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