"Military barracks";  The alleged fight between Diane Bezerra and Luisa Ampel behind the scenes of a recording of a program led by Lucas Selvi stirred the social networks.


The video had a huge impact on the web and was shared by some profiles

Photo: Instagram / Lucas Selfie
Photo: Instagram / Lucas Selfie

Behind the scenes of the recording of the show Barn of JusticePresenter Lucas Sylvie, caused havoc on social networks on Saturday (12). It all started when a YouTuber shared on the social network when the actress allegedly had a falling out Louisa Ampel And that Diane Barbosasister DuolinWhile recording.

The video has had a huge impact on the web and has been shared by some profiles. As you can see in the pictures witch And that Louisa Hotly debated. Seeing the content, fans of the show imagined that the two had a big fight. Roseanne PineroWho was eliminated from the reality show farmAnd also participated in the recording.

Quickly, many comments were made about the alleged confusion on social networks: “The stick is broken. These people are losing their senses,” said one user. “They put their hands behind their backs, girl farm Number! Another joked: “Aggression is allowed here.” “Here the light from the streetlights is as natural as it gets.” He wrote the fourth “Barrackeras”. Duolin And that Deborah‘, compared to another user on the Internet.

After the story has major ramifications, Lucas Sylvie He posted a video to the feed showing the alleged commotion during the recording and no fight. In the new video posted, the participants are shown chatting casually. It is worth remembering that a file Barn of Justice follows the court and that Louisa Play prosecutor, then witch Act as a defense attorney is up. as always, Selfie Co-play the role of a judge.

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