Michele Tello is seen playing with her son at a party in the family’s new mansion

the singer Michelle Body He put on a musical show that had a very niche audience. The show took place at the Palace of New Musicians in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. He and his wife, a broadcaster and actress Thai VersozaThe renovation of the luxurious property was completed a few days ago.

The Tatas showed their affection for Tello and their two children – Melinda, six, and Teodoro, five – when they saw everyone at home getting ready to celebrate Christmas with the family. At the last stage, they gathered their relatives and enjoyed a good barbecue. To liven up the meeting, the musician took the accordion and started playing.

It turns out that the special also had a guest who showed that talent passes from father to son. Once Teodoro saw the instruments laid out, he took the opportunity to add straw to the beat, Cajun drumming. My mother melted when she saw the smallest performance with her Michelle Body🇧🇷 “The dearest thing in my life,” declared the announcer.

Thai made sure to share photos of the entire family gathered in the new building to celebrate. Think of a special moment! said the presenter. Netizens are impressed with the performance shared by Tata. One fan commented, “Awesome.” Another follower said, “Talented like my father.” Another user said: “A gift from father to son.”

The large property was owned by actress Bruna Marquezine and was purchased by the couple a few months ago. Michelle Body Thais Fersoza chose to move from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro some time ago, but lived in a rental property until he got his own home.

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