After Satan ate the leavened bread Tenorio (Morillo Benicio), Mary Brokaw Isabel Teixeira will finally have her glory days Wet land. Happy and accomplished ahead women (Giuliano Cazzari), will reconcile with housewife Jota (Julia Dalvia) in the last chapter of Globo at 9 am.

Maria Brokaw’s path in Vueltaan was marked by pain and suffering. The character suffered a terrible fate with her ex-husband, was thrown out of the house with one hand in front of her and the other behind her, turned to Maria Chalnera, turned away from her daughter and saw Another woman takes her position on the fieldDwelling in Juma Tefira (Alanis Gillen), he takes refuge in Leonius’s citadel and faces bloody revenge from the villain.

But Effect of the victim in the new version By Bruno Luperi You will be full of happiness. After leaving for Sarande with Alcides, she will return to the Pantanal to be married Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) and Philo (Dera Pace) in the last case.

A reunion with JOTA

In addition to wasting charisma during the festival, the country woman will have an important reunion with Gotha, who has not taken very well to her mother’s relationship with the pawn.

Both will seal in peace and enjoy the family moment a lot. The maiden would put aside her differences with Alcides and They will be seen dancing togetherIn clear evidence of peace and harmony.

In a recent conversation with Ana Maria Braga, Isabel Teixeira commented that Maria Broca’s ending is the most important piece. Save one’s reputation.

“The entire TV series is the recovery process of this character. I’ll tell you something: for me, Maria Brokaw, Maria, ends up with herself in this series. When we meet ourselves, we can be with someone. Her search throughout the series was about finding herself”, analyzed the artist.

Reproduction / TV Globo

Maria Broca at Jose Leoncio’s wedding

Reproduction / TV Globo

Written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa, the television series Pantanal was telecasted in the 1990s by Manchete (1983–1999) which no longer exists. Globo version adapted by Bruno Luberigrandson of the author. In October, the network will premiere Travesia, a Gloria Perez storyline.

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