Margot Robbie looks great in comedy

BarbieNew movie starring Margot Robbiewon first Teaser This Friday (16). Works with equality 2001 – Space flightThe preview shows some of the impact the release of the titular doll has had on girls around the world — watch above.

The feature also gets a new poster, which features part of the doll line’s iconic logo — see:

Barbie is ready to debut 21 July 2023 He will play the lead role Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling🇧🇷 Kate McKinnon🇧🇷 Alexandra Shipp🇧🇷 America Ferreira🇧🇷 Simo Liu🇧🇷 neff day And that Will Ferrell🇧🇷 dear friend🇧🇷 Connor Swindells And that Ritu Arya Complete the list.

Play movies on account Greta Gerwigin beautiful woman And that Lady Bird🇧🇷 Also an Oscar nominated director Sign the text that follows Noah Baumbach🇧🇷

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