The restoration of the Ministry of Culture was one of the main election promises of the President-elect. Tuesday the Thirteenth, Lola He invited the singer to sing Margaret Menezes🇧🇷 We talked and I accepted the assignment, which was a surprise to me,” she said after meeting with the Labor Party candidate. The profile of the future minister has been noted for representing diversity in many aspects, including women, blacks, celebrities and human rights activists. “We will form a working group to increase the Ministry of Culture,” announced the 60-year-old artist, the daughter of a seamstress and a driver, born in a modest neighborhood in Salvador, where she remains. For more than a decade, an appreciable social project offering vocational courses for youth and art workshops for children through the NGO I founded. Because this NGO, due to other reasons can be a big hurdle for the future minister.

In December 2020, the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) found the Associação Fábrica Cultural guilty of returning 338,000 reais to the public treasury. The value refers to irregularities found in an agreement signed in 2010, the last year of Lula’s government, between the NGO Margaret Menezes and the Ministry of Culture to organize a symposium on cultures of identity. Under the agreement, the ministry will release 757,000 Brazilian reais to finance the program, which has a budget of one million reais. Fabrica Cultural, the minister’s organization, will pay the rest. While examining the provision of accounts for contracts, TCU technicians found irregularities such as bogus quotes, contracting for services without detailing the purpose, payments for services not completed, payments to people with DG ties and exaggerated purchases. Additionally, the NGO did not provide agreed resources in return.

In Fine Mesh - Tax Collection, Prosecutions for Unpaid Taxes and Illegal Appropriation of Employees by INSS: A Complicated History -
In Fine Mesh – Tax Collection, Prosecutions for Unpaid Taxes and Illegal Appropriation of Employees by INSS: A Complicated History – ./.

VEJA had access to an audit that examined the organisation’s accountability. In addition to the irregularities mentioned above, forensic technicians have identified a suspicious payment of 120,000 reais to Foco Entertainment. Upon examining the company’s corporate structure, they discovered that it was owned by Margaret Menezes, director of the NGO – something prohibited by law, to prevent public funds from going into the pockets of those who run non-profits. . TCU specified that a portion of the resources would be returned, which never happened. As a result, the name of the NGO Margaret Meneses has been entered in the Late Registry (CADIN), which prevents it from signing new contracts with the public administration. The federal attorney general sued the organization to try to recover the resources.

Embarrassing as it may be, it is not the only outstanding issue in the public purse for the future minister – not even the biggest. In addition to those ministry debts, Margaret Menezes accumulated tax and social security debts. The Federal Revenue collects OMR1.1 million in unpaid taxes from two of Al-Moghani’s businesses – Estrella do Mar Produce Artisticas and MM Productions e Criacis. The first, founded in 2001, handles, among other activities, the recording of songs and the production of shows for artists. Tax auditors discovered that she collected INSS from her employees, but did not remit it to Social Security, a crime. The second, responsible for singers’ concerts, ended its activities in 2015, leaving income tax, PIS, coffin and social contribution debt. The names of ministers and their companies are registered in the active debt of the Union. The Attorney General of the National Treasury tried to recover the tax.

Extremely complex, Estrella do Mar is a party to four tax enforcement proceedings being handled by the Federal Regional Court of the First District (TRF1). In one of those cases, the judge decided to seize and confiscate the company’s assets. In another, if the debt is not paid, you decide to commit resources to bank accounts and financial assets. In the same process No. 1, there are also two executions against the future minister’s NGO, Fábrica Cultural. Both refer to taxes payable. Both also specified that the entity’s assets would be confiscated. Margaret Menezes may, at the end of the proceedings, be jointly and severally liable for the debts of her companies and NGOs. He asked, the future minister did not comment. Fabrica’s lawyer, Guilherme Pexoto, has informed that he will appeal the decision of the TCU, arguing that the case is over. Either way, these rejected accounts aren’t the best past credentials for someone managing a billion-dollar budget starting next year.

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