Marcos Palmera accepts tributes from family on Sunday and walks out: 'He surprised me'


Parents recalled the path of the actor, saying that talent comes from childhood, when he performs at home.

Tributes were paid to Marcos Palmera by his family on Sunday.  Pictures: Gshow Run.
Tributes were paid to Marcos Palmera by his family on Sunday. Pictures: Gshow Run.

Domingão (9) Pantanal, the hit TV series on Globo, which ended last Friday (7) and the new series coming at 9pm was special and full of emotions with these actors. , crossing. At the very beginning of the attraction, Luciano Haque announced that the event would be unprecedented. And the telenovela that ended had a beautiful tribute to Marcos Palmera, who gave life to Zee Leoncio.

The actor was surprised by the statements of his parents, wife and daughter: “I get a lot of compliments from you. I love you so much you are the best father in the world”Julia Palmera said in a video clip recorded for a private party. you are Parents called the artist’s careerImitating Roberto Carlos and performing at home when he was an excellent student in theater class at school, saying that talent comes from childhood.

How much do you raise Marcus? Your founders are Zelito Viana and Doña Vera Maria And how important is the strength of his wife and daughter: “Gabi my dear friend. He supported me throughout the process. My daughter surprised me, she is very shy. I am very grateful to the audience, colleagues and the love I have received”said the actor.

On Sunday (9) Marcos Palmyra bid farewell to Ze Loncio. After cutting off a large section of his hair, it was time to remove his beard and mustache which he used for about a year to appear in TV series. With a clean face, he was seen smiling on his official Instagram account. He hinted that this will be a new look for the series Globoplay The Age of Humans.

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