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Rapper Manu Brown, 52, surprised the audience at Encontro das Tribos. celebration

247 – Rapper Manu Brown, 52, surprised the audience at the Encontro das Tribos festival in Ribeirao Preto (SP), during this weekend’s concert by the band Racionais, with a hard-hitting speech on racial issues and elections in Brazil. in Information It belongs to Splash Gate.

The event was held on Saturday, the day before the general elections. “In Brazil, rich blacks turn to white people and attack other blacks. They vote against other blacks. This is the basic rule of life for blacks in Brazil: make money and stay white,” he said.

Although Brown made it clear that this was a general criticism, and not directed at anyone in particular, many fans interpreted the singer’s speech as an indirect jab at Neymar Jr. Support Bolsonaro (PL), who is sometimes criticized for his rhetoric that is generally considered racist, homophobic and biased.

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