Lula's campaign tried to change the date of the Globo debate

Former Presidential Campaign Coordinator Squid (EN) Try to bring forward the date of the discussion Globo TVCurrently scheduled for September 29.

Labor allies made the effort Tuesday (9/13) during a meeting between the presidential candidate and station staff.

A federal representative was requested to anticipate the conflict Roy Falcao (PT-SP), Lola Campaign Liaison Area Coordinator.

According to Labor members interviewed by the column, there has been an attempt to predict the controversy as September 29 is the last day of televised free election time.

The fear in Lula’s campaign is that the former president has no television ads to counter any criticism or poor performance in the debates.

The proposal of Lula’s allies was not accepted by other campaigns or Globo directions. Wanted by column, Roy Falcao and the announcer did not respond.

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