Lúcio Mauro Filho made a mess by suggesting the end "big family"

Actor Licio Mauro Filho, 48, recalled in an interview Audio notation How was the decision to end the series “Padpa”? “big family” After a successful 14 season run on TV Globo.

According to the comedian, he began to get tired of being stuck with Toko’s character and was the first to mention the possibility of discontinuing the attraction.

“We have our annual meeting at the beginning of the year. I never said anything, but at the ten-year meeting I said, ‘Let’s think about doing it sometime?’” I asked the forbidden question, the atmosphere was there! [Marco] Nannini turned and said, “I think there is more wood to burn.” “I was so embarrassed,” Lucio said.

Despite initial resentment, he received support from his classmate Marietta Severo, who played Nene in the sitcom. [reunião], I called Marietta and asked, “Did I say something wrong?” She said: Son, you have brought up a taboo subject! [Mas] I think I agree with you.”

“She and I were talking over the course of a year [sobre o assunto] It was reintroduced the following year. Then Marietta said, “Guys, if Lucino, who is 40 years old, is a little worried about what he is going to do next, I, 70 years old, kept thinking and really wanted to do other things. I don’t want to be a grandmother forever, ”sighed the actress.

But Liceo Mauro Filho thinks the feeling at the end of “The Big Family” was an achievement. “We wrote a chapter in the history of Brazilian television. We fought for the quality of this program from day one.

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