Luciano Huck almost fell on Sunday (Photo: Reproduction)

Luciano Hack lost his balance and nearly fell on Sunday

Luciano Kach He is one of the most beloved announcers on Brazilian television. Meanwhile he was sunday In the air, it can be seen that Angelica’s husband is trying to talk to the audience and guests and make the attraction as interactive as possible. He almost stumbled this Sunday, September 25th.

It all started when Luciano Hack decided to find a kind of “kiss cam” between Domingo. “Today, before I went into the studio, they were talking about something I love, which is at NBA games when they play a little bit. [no telão] And who is shown kissing,” the presenter began.

The camera then focuses on a couple in the audience in Domingo. But they refused to kiss. Luciano Hack was not satisfied with this situation and decided to go to the place to make peace between the two of them. “Are they married? Now I’m curious. Let me go up there and ask,” he went upstairs to speak.

However, Angelica’s husband loses his balance in an attempt to move forward. “Oh, I’m going to fall,” cried the presenter, and soon the people took him into custody. After much horror, Huck decides to strike up a conversation with the couple. “I didn’t care,” explained the woman. “But do you know each other?” asked the famous man.

“He has been my husband for 45 years,” she replied, “and how long have you not kissed him?” , asked Luciano Hack. We were honeymooning in Puerto de Galinhas [em Pernambuco] Last week, the lady said, all this happened. Luciano Hack requested a romantic song for Domingo’s production and the couple kissed.

Luciano Hack lost his balance and almost fell on Sunday (Image: REPRODUCTION)
Luciano Hack lost his balance and almost fell on Sunday (Image: REPRODUCTION)

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