In a rerun of “O Re do Gado” on Globo’s “Valle a Peña Ver de Novo,” Monday, December 19, the scene in Bruno (Anthony Fagondis) and Luna (Patricia Pilar) spend the night together.

Early in the morning, the meek girl wakes up and slowly walks out of Rey do Gado’s room and tells Donna (Beth Mendes) about her night with her. She feels rejected by the farmer and thinks of leaving again.

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Find out what else is going on in today’s classroom:

Luana wakes up in the morning and leaves Bruno’s room. Luana tells Donna that she slept in Bruno’s room, but nothing happened. Bruno faces a personal conflict. Leah tries to convince her mother to come home, but to no avail. Leah gets angry when she insists on asking her mother if she has another one. Bruno tells Z not to let Luana leave the farm. Luana doesn’t know what to do with her life and feels rejected by Bruno. Judith advises Marietta to marry, claiming that she never loved him. Marcus reads a report talking about Jeremiah and realizes that he is his great uncle, whom Bruno has always hated. He decides to follow what is right.

Leah tells Ralph that Leah tried to get her, but she puts her life in Ralph’s hands. Zee thinks Leah has another one. Rosa suspects that Marcus is the father of Liliana’s baby. Luana tells Bruno that she is too shy to go into his room. Fausto shoots Olegario, who claims he wants to track down his boss’s real ex-niece. Marietta tells her uncle that she does not look at Faust with those eyes. Fausto hides Olegario’s body in a coffee plantation. Sarcastically, Fausto tells Jeremias that Fausto was better after his dismissal. In Guaxupé, Marcus asks Jeremiah in a position and learns that he is the king of coffee and milk. Jeremiah tells Marietta that she doesn’t need to commit to Fausto. Leah answers Ralph’s call and decides to follow her mother. Fausto warns Marietta not to try to deceive him. The waiter informs Marcus of the arrival of Jeremiah’s “new” niece. Luana tells Bruno that she chose him.

“O Re do Gado” is a Brazilian TV series produced by TV Globo. It aired from 17 June 1996 to 14 February 1997, replacing “The End of the World”. The film is directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho and directed by Benedetto Ruy Barbosa. Antonio Fagundes, Patricia Pilar, Raul Cortez, Gloria Perez, Fabio Asuncao, Silvia Pfeiffer, Carlos Vereza and Steno Garcia.

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Tuesday 20 December

Luana tells Zé do Araguaia that she slept with her boss. Luana hears Bruno’s plane and is happy. Jeremiah says he loves Marcus and says goodbye to the boy. Marcus promises to return. Bruno brought many gifts for Iona. Bruno tells Z de Araguaia that Luana is now the mistress of the house and goes to bed with him every night. Luana wears new clothes and Bruno is happy. Marcus returns home and tells Leah of his whereabouts. Donna sees Luana and Bruno kissing. Regino tells his wife that many of his comrades died in the attack. They grow maize in unproductive land. Senator Caxius defends the invaders. Bruno talks to Luana about victory and productive land. Leah and Marcus talk about their parents’ divorce. Liliana tells Marcos that Senator Caxias has found him a job in Brasilia. Jeremiah tells Fausto and Marietta that he is worried that Olegario has not cashed his compensation check. The farmer tells Fausto to contact the representative. Dr. Marietta asks if Fausto killed Olegario. He refuses and accuses Marietta. Doctor Fausto discovers Marcus’ true identity and tells Jeremias. Marcus tells Leah about the family. He confesses that he loves Marietta. Jeremiah tells Marietta that if Marcus returns, he will cover up the cursed man.

Wednesday, December 21

Marcos calls Senator Caxias and speaks disdainfully about the job. Bruno takes Luana to Moretti’s farm. Ze do Araguaia tells Donana that the Chief’s case is a flash in the pan. Detective Bruno takes more photos of Leah with Ralph. The couple decided to travel by boat. Lia decides to go to Guaruja with Liliana. Leah tells her friend that she met Firefly. The Certeneja couple arrive in Ribeirao Preto penniless. They play guitar at the bus stop and make some change. Sarkura found the title of Cattle King. Marita defends Marcus and Jeremiah tells Bruno about the girl. Marcos arrives in Brasilia and begins serving as a senator. Marietta asks Jeremiah about his uncle, who died in Italy. The senator hosts Marcus in his apartment and says that the people will pay the young man’s salary. Jeremiah is still worried about Olegario. Marietta Dr. Tells Faustus that she wants to end her relationship with the lawyer. Senator Caxius talks to Marcos about government projects. Leia arrives on the boat and finds the lights strangely on. Meanwhile, Leah is having dinner with Ralph at a restaurant. Leah tells Liliana that Marcus met Marietta and fell in love with her. Liliana cries. Pirilampo and Sarakura found a simple hotel to spend the night. Leah catches her mother sleeping on the boat with Ralph. She runs away and invites Billiana to go with her to Sao Paulo.

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