The celebrity had to break into a new prison to participate in the grand finale of A Fazenda 14

Photo: Reproduction / YouTube (Official Fazenda Channel).
Photo: Reproduction / YouTube (Official Fazenda Channel).

Even after he’s gone Farm 14🇧🇷 Killeen He keeps giving netizens something to talk about. The former co-star of the country program sent the internet into a frenzy when she announced that she has been booked for the third time due to some reality show. It should be noted that the celebrity was already in seclusion due to participation in the BBB and the appeal of RecordTV.

last friday (9) A previous relationship with Chiya She surprised her followers by revealing that she was holed up in a hotel in Itaperica da Serra with others who had been kicked out of A Fazenda 14. And it turns out that, like some of the other former entrants, the former BBB will be attending the Grand Final at Countryside. a program.

However, the former activist revealed that she was not too happy with the situation. “I’m not a normal sister, someone get me out of here?”she asked, revealing her frustration at watching the Brazil-Croatia match alone. “I’m tied, I watched the game myself, I’m angry, Brazil lost… I have a life now and I’m not in the mood. I don’t know anymore…”, ventilation.

Moments later, through a question box on her Instagram Stories, Kerlin interacted with some of her followers. 🇧🇷Let’s send rescue, Kerrsaid one follower. Curlin shared a scrawled and inscribed photo of himself from Neymar’s tweet, ‘‘Hope is the end of death’🇧🇷

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