Kiss, unexpected "couple" And the three-way kiss;  Another reality is represented by party hot weather


Some infantrymen decided to call a truce in the battle of the program and decided to heat up the celebration last Friday (23).

Photo: Playback / RecordTV.
Photo: Playback / RecordTV.

And last night, Friday (23), another party “Form 14The festival had some ‘unexpected’ moments. Many viewers were stunned to see some amazing couples getting ready at the ceremony..

minutes later Tomas Costa flirts with Thiago Ramos and Alex Gallet, the model decided to try her luck with a captive contestant. After hooking up with Tati Zaki at a party, the model only received a kiss from the funk artist. However, the boy was not satisfied and tried something else.

ex boyfriend Larissa Manuela He decides to try his luck again and insists on a kiss from the artist who surrendered to him and kisses him, acting in the very first moment of the presentation of the reality show. Moments later, the two joined forces with Iran Malfitano and triple-clicked.

Kerlin and Sheen are another couple formed. The pawn approached her friend and asked if they could kiss, but the imprisoned woman replied that she could not, as she did not want to spoil their friendship. A few minutes later, the influencers reunited and insisted their friends stop kissing. When yelling: “Kiss kiss!”. The ex-BBB gave up and kissed her friend.

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