Keanu Reeves leaves Brazil amid tight security

Actor Keanu Reeves, 58, has left Brazil after competing in the tournament CCXP 2022. The artist is supported by a strong security plan for boarding at Guarulhos International Airport (SP).

Reeves was one of the highlights of the event in Sao Paulo. While promoting “John Wick 4” which will premiere in March 2023 yesterday, The actor knelt because of the affection of the Brazilian fans🇧🇷

The actor went on to talk about how he plays John Wick and how the character has surprised him. “It’s a fantastic role, I can do a lot of crazy things. Be it horse riding or knife shooting. But this is John Wick’s world. what is going to happen I have no idea and that’s great.”

In the late afternoon, Marcus Mean led the final painting with a Canadian artist in the program. The TV Globo presenter shared behind-the-scenes photos on social networks🇧🇷

Along with Brazilian comedian Rafael Grampa, Reeves talked about the process of creating and developing “BRZRKR” – the comic series created by the actor. Grampa icons character design and cover.

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