The 31-year-old model and presenter is married to Kawa Ramon, father of 9-year-old Sophia, the result of an affair with actress Grazie Masavera.

Photo: Reproduction of the model / Official Instagram.
Photo: Reproduction of the model / Official Instagram.

Model Marianna Goldfarb admits that motherhood is still a dream and she froze her eggs to achieve it. The revelation came during the first season finale of his recently released podcast C/Alma. The The 31-year-old model and presenter is married to actor Kava Ramon, father of 9-year-old Sofia.As a result of his relationship with actress Grazie Masafra.

“It is delicious, because it gives freedom and independence. I am not giving up being a mother. I think all women should freeze. I think the younger the better. If I could, I would freeze first. It is not painful. “She said in a funny tone. Celebrities still remember the possibility of having twins during the fertilization process🇧🇷 “I don’t think I can”I admit.

During the conversation, the model explained that the procedure involves daily hormonal injections: “You take hormones for your body to make and remove many eggs. It varies from woman to woman, but it messes up a lot in our heads. I was very sensitive, angry and just cried. I called everyone ‘son of a dog’”🇧🇷 Mariana reveals her feelings during this phase of treatment🇧🇷

Despite the difficulties, the model said that she is ready to take new steps to conquer the dream of creating a life: “If I want to do another cycle, I will. If I want to be a mother at 45, I may have more opportunities. Why not?”Mariana argued. a month ago, Mariana expressed her frustration at not being able to extract a good amount from the processWhich has just been successful.

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