Juliet Freer shows the wound

Juliet Freer He horrified his followers on Monday, October 31, by using social media sites to show parts of his body covered in bruises. The singer and ex-BBB told how it all happened.

“These days are great. I’m cranky, I had a lot of fun with my friends and family,” said the former BBB.

“I’m stuck in the knee! We were playing on the boat, jumping on each other, that drunken madness. Just look at my knees. All my legs are like that, and so are you guys.”

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Confusion when trying to vote

On Sunday, October 30, many celebrities used their citizenship and went to vote in the second round of the presidential election between Lula and Jair Bolsonaro.

Juliette Freer has already said on social media that she voted for Lola, but the lawyer preferred to wear a white dress to avoid confusion. However, after this celebrity arrived at the venue, there was a commotion from the fans. Empathetic, Juliet let out a smile and made sure to take pictures with her fans.

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