Jojo Todinho's husband fills his face: 'He fell more'

Jojo Todinho’s husband, Lucas Souza, 21, underwent plastic surgery. The army officer decided to have facial fillers and celebrated the results.

“I had no fillers and no jawbone. I decided to fill in a little and it was great, the face was more symmetrical. There was another side to him, a face that was more inclined to root pectomy. I filled in my cheekbones a bit and it was perfect, I love the harmony,” Sainik said on Instagram.

The 25-year-old singer is also a fan of plastic surgery. About two months ago, I gave my favorite celebrity treatment: the Brigade Tour. The procedure involves collagen production and improving sagging and cellulite.

The operation is performed by injecting “bio-material” into the buttock area, which gives shape and size to the buttock. The moment JoJo treated her, Method creator Dr. Natasha Ramos shared on Instagram.

“Welcome to Team ROUNDgluteo, Jojo Todynho. A round butt full of collagen, yes!” commented the post.

famous people Like Claudia Raya and Gretchen Bruna MarquezineSara Andrade, Bruna Biancardi, Lyce Caldas, Nadine Goncalves, Dylan Bezera, Jakai, Mariana Ximenez, among others, treat the buttocks.

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