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Posted on 10/14/2022 16:55 Updated 14/10/2022 17:09

Rio – Jojo Todinho’s brother, Mathieu Jesus, denied the position of singer, I knocked on the neighbor’s gate that I badmouthed on the web for satisfaction, via Instagram Stories and the status of the messaging app, this Thursday. He said that “immorality comes with money” and lamented being associated with the singer and presenter of the talk show “Jojo Nov e Mea” in Multishow.

“What lies when you have money! I do not deny the cause of those who have their own opinion. I just came out of this person’s womb [Jojo Todynho]But never compare me with her. So it’s easy to leave the southern region, do your show and leave the whole picture here. I do not condone immorality and the stupid and childish attitude of relatives, no. I hate these types of people! Don’t bother me when my relatives show some stupid attitude,” Mathews wrote. The rant was posted by Metropolis columnist Leo Dias.

On Friday afternoon, JoJo opened up about the criticism from her brother. “My only duty in this life is to my grandmother. Now people who don’t do anything, don’t want anything related to life and want to enjoy what they didn’t fight for … I appreciate those who appreciate me,” noted the artist, who clarified whether it was a letter to Mathews. did not She then said that her grandmother would accompany her to Miami and highlighted: “Retina (her grandmother) has a good life. Others have to work. If the relatives are good, let them all live together. Seen only on memorial visits. ”

Remember the case

Jojo Todinho shared on his Instagram, Thursday evening (13), a series of videos that will give him personal pleasure about the woman who attacked him on the web, his grandmother’s neighbor, whom he does not like. “A girl from my grandmother’s neighborhood took pictures of me and called me fat. So I came knocking on her door and asked her what she knew. I have never hated anyone in this neighborhood. A person and I want to use that person’s picture for fun and to get followers… She wants money for silicon Everyone knows me since childhood, it’s respect,” she said angrily. The singer then knocked on the neighbor’s gate and argued with her on the street.

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