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In 2008, 36-year-old actress Giovanna Eubank landed her second job at Globo.

247 – In 2008, actress Giovanna Ebank, 36, landed her second Globo job, playing an agency contact girl named Sharon. Because of this, the costume has always been sexier than other characters. And on the same day she wore a short dress that she says she was harassed at Globo.

“I remember walking down the street to go to a movie and there was a very famous actor, much older, who had a great career. He was wearing very short shorts, [ele] He went over there and smacked me on my ass in front of everyone in the hallway and said, “That’s good, isn’t it?” I immediately went into the dressing room and started crying,” she recalled in a conversation with Fernanda Pace Lemmy and Deborah Seco on the Quem Pode podcast, Pod.

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