James Gunn confirms details about DC Studios and the future of the new Superman movie

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A few minutes after the announcement Henry Cavill has officially confirmed his exit as SupermanJames went to Jean Twitter Clarifying the future direction of DC Studios. The producer has confirmed the production of a new Man of Steel movie, some details of which have already been worked out.

In a series of posts to appease the publisher’s fans, James Gunn has revealed that he already has a DC Studios release calendar. Peter Safran🇧🇷 The first films of this new phase of the company will be released in 2015 In early 2023Guarantees the product.

In the comics, the new Superman is John Kent, the young son of Clark Kent. (A: Panini)

One of these early films focused on a new story Superman🇧🇷 With no final title, early versions of the script focused on a small part of the protagonist’s life, thus justifying Henry Cavill’s exit from the role.

While commenting on the project, the producer did not reveal his name Clark Kent, only highlights that the plot won’t revolve around retelling the hero’s origin story. Gunn confirmed that conversations with Henry Cavill have been positive and that the actor may return to work with DC Studios in the future, either as a new engagement. Superman Zack Snyder Or as an entirely new character.

The script for the new Superman movie is written by James Gunn and the project is still looking for a director. Over the past few days, DC Studios has begun a series of reorganizations with the inevitable Wonder Woman 3 Cancelled it is End of the Cinderverse🇧🇷 What will happen to the future of the company? Will there be a John Kent movie? Don’t forget to comment!

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