Jade Picken Falls in Tone, but Shines in Travesia - 10/12/2022

The Jade Pickan is undoubtedly the highlight of Travesia. Despite the rapid appearance of the three seasons shown so far, the scenes with Chiara always have a wide impact on social networks.

From what we see so far, the character is somewhat spoiled by her father and is rude to the staff. Everything points to an important development about her origins – after all, who is her daughter? We will find out over time.

The Carioca accent of the actress, who was born and raised in São Paulo, is slightly different from what we know about Rio de Janeiro, as it does not imitate all the necessary vowel ranges. At least for now, symbols are limited to beeps in plural form.

In a father figure performed by Umberto Martins after interrupting the post, Chiara exclaims: “Que suishto, pie.” The response from the network’s audience has been very interesting, but there’s no doubt Picon has had time to use the technology. Or leave it forever Novel Moving on – This isn’t the first or last time this happens.

But even if the tone isn’t right, we should appreciate the experience you bring from online advertising. With years of posting on Instagram and other social networks, he played his part sing In the Merchant described in Wednesday’s chapter, with a slightly harsher text.

Being influential to employees also facilitates different languages. The drama shows the actress looking directly into the camera as if she is broadcasting live through her cell phone. A good vision can be repeated dozens of times over the coming months.

Since she needs her father’s money to buy a car worth half a million riyals, she may still be at the forefront of her blogging career. But it seems inevitable that Chiara will soon repeat her translator’s journey and overcome her long-awaited financial freedom.

We will be back anytime with new information.

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