Jade Pican criticized that she does not repeat the look after posting the photo

Jade Pichen has become a target of criticism on social media because it does not repeat the costumes already shown on Instagram.

To be involved Her stylists do this for the event, with a look placed together in the borrowed clothes. However, the cut on the network gives the impression that it refers to everyday clothes: “I am boring, I post a picture with the look and for me it disappears from the earth’s face.”

“I always like to create. I have worn this costume, I will never wear it again, because for me it is going to be marked as a rock in Rio, American, Pod Dell. My head will not let it be, “he sneezes.

Earlier, in the same podcast, she said she preferred versatile pieces when buying clothes for herself: “I’m boring, okay? I want to spend so much money on a piece of clothing, it should be multi -purpose. I have to imagine myself using at least five ways different. I have taken it when it is a double face. ”

However, this phrase was criticized on social media: “It goes beyond” working with the image “or” returning clothes “. The problem is how powerful it is and how it can reach a person with no money to buy more than a pair of jeans in the wardrobe. No responsibility. Among these people who influence millions, ”a user wrote on Twitter.

‘Jed took the disposable panties BBB People were impressed because she spoke on a podcast that does not repeat clothes, “another person commented on social networks.

Other people have come out to the rescue of the previous BBB: “In fact, she said she did not repeat the appearance of the event, but she repeats everyday clothes and clothing pieces, just like everyone. That is a risk of podcast pieces. “”

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