"I have hurt a lot of people";  Sonia Abrau details Arthur Aguirre's visit, praises the BBB 22 champion and reveals 'gossip' about other former BBB members

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The host also revealed that the actress will be joining her show soon

Figure 1: Clone / ReadyTV!  |  Photo 2: Reproduction by Arthur Aguirre / Official Instagram
Figure 1: Clone / ReadyTV! | Photo 2: Reproduction by Arthur Aguirre / Official Instagram

Sonia AbramPresenter “afternoon to you”He made no secret of his admiration for the BBB22 champion. Arthur Fang. Famous for always speaking her mind, Giants from RedeTV! He praised the artist saying that he had finally found it After the reality show on Globo TV ended.

while watching your show, Sonia showed the video of this special moment and said that she got a lot of gossip from other ex-BBBs.: “I really want to send Arthur a kiss and say so [o encontro] It was very cold. We keep all the gossip with “Big Brother Brazil 22”, She later added: “Look, I told a lot of people from the BBB, I told him everything, a lot he didn’t even know, but he found out.”

respectively, The caller revealed that Arthur Aguirre will soon be on her show: “In general, the conversation was very pleasant and interesting. He told me many things that we cannot tell you now, because they are secret things. You’ll think he’s gone, but you don’t know what’s coming, and I won’t tell you, because he’ll tell you right here, at the right time, at the right moment.” Sonia Abram added.

The artist posted a picture next to the presenter on social media, thanking him for all the love he received during his imprisonment: “Finally we meet!!! I personally thank you for all the crowd and support during the event but I will make sure to be here to thank you publicly. Sonia thank you so much for everything!! I loved our conversation and dinner yesterday… see you soon Be on your show live together and I will be able to share with everyone what is about to happen… Thank you, thank you and thank you!!”he said

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