Influencer turns on 'The Honest Way' and comes out and reveals he feels sorry for Jojo Todinho: 'You threatened to kill me'


It all happened during an interview on “Rock in Rio” last week

Photo 1: Play / Instagram / @jojotodynho |  Figure 2: Playback / Multi View
Photo 1: Play / Instagram / @jojotodynho | Figure 2: Playback / Multi View

between the “Rock in Rio”And that Jojo Todinho Participate in multishow interviews with presenters Anna Clara Lima and Mary Gonzalez And that Little bloggerYouTube personality Bruno Matos. in conversation, Influencer He joked that he follows the singer’s husband, Lucas Souza. Joe JoeHowever, as he did not like the answer, it became heated.

In his appearance on the “Pod Dellas” podcast, Little blogger Explain the conflict. “I almost got beaten at JoJo’s Rock in Rio. It didn’t happen because we didn’t see each other. It was a misunderstanding. I didn’t even want to say it, because this is my first interview after my fight. I was so shocked that she threatened to kill me”began to influence.

then, Little blogger Explain what happened. “I said, ‘Jojo, I follow your husband very well.’ But it was fine, and I took him somewhere. I am really sorry for what I said. At that point, I just said I was following up and asked if he had a problem. She liked it and started threatening me. She insulted me in front of everyone and I was very embarrassed. It was the first time it had happened to me live.”she said

“I don’t know if she didn’t like it, I don’t know what it was. She apologized, but nothing. She cursed me and pointed at me. She said she would make me bald.”he added. Little blogger After the discussion, she confirmed that the channel did not support it. “Multishow kept playing this key. I interviewed with Gshow and they didn’t call me for my version. I felt very interrupted and calm.”he added.

Finally, Little blogger Explained. “I asked if everything was okay. She replied that it was fine, but I felt the weather. I asked about five times, even heard Disha that everything is fine, but she continued to give interviews? Ask her if she’s okay?”asked “I found it offensive. I wanted Jojo to issue a public apology. I’m laughing but I didn’t like it because I got out of several cars.There was an explosion.

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