Like, Mel Maya posted the healed corpse on social media.

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Mayan honey Enjoy the year 2023 Working hard in the gym. training with Same from Jojo Todynhoactress Share body changes on social media.

This Tuesday (23), Mel Maya shared in stories, Exercise routine at the gym. Then the actress He posted a video in a bikini and showed off his muscles in detail.

Torn the fitness mile As a result of a good diet combined with physical activity. “She eats bread twice a day and there are days when she can eat a baguette. The diet includes eggs, cheese, rice, beans, vegetables, fish and fruits. They are basic, what Brazilians are used to eating,” nutritionist Tiago Montero recently told O Globo. .

Mel Maya and MC Daniels maintain a long distance relationship

Mel Maia and MC Daniels announced their relationship late last year. Since then, and The couple has maintained a long relationshipWhere the singer lives in Sao Paulo and the actress lives in Rio.

In a video on social networks, MC Daniel said how much he spends to maintain the airlift. It is estimated that MC will spend around R$300,000 to meet Daniel Mel. The value is about 10% of the value of the imported wedding ring the funk singer gave to the TV series “Vai Na Fe” actress in January, when they made their relationship official.

In the video, the funk artist also says that he always travels with a security guard or two professionals from his production team. “There,…

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