In a shocking interview, Angelica's ex-makeup artist revealed something horrifying (watch video)

Decesor, former participant in the 10th edition of the reality show on Rede Globo, BBB, admitted in an interview with the podcast “Não É Nada Personal” that he was very hungry in life and in the 90s, when he was working as a make-up artist on SBT, he had food Despite having no money to buy, and he shaved off the remains of Angelica, wife of anchor Luciano Huck.

“I had lunch after lunch. She ate what was left of Angelica’s lunch. It has been like this for a long time,” he said, adding that Gori was not aware of her personal needs.

“She didn’t know, because she told us to throw away her lunch and we ate what was left. We had no money to eat and people thought I was rich because I was Angelica’s makeup artist. I never told Angelica. She knows this now. He ate the rest of the food from the artist’s plate…we passed a lot,” he recalls.

Watch the video:

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