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farm 14 dropout, Diolene Bezera He was not invited to participate On Saturday (10) the dynamics of reality – The event brought together riders who had dropped out of the season for a surprise test. Instead, she spent the afternoon at the mall and spent a lot of money on luxury goods. The influencer showed that she dropped R$157,000 in just one store. “I deserve it,” she said.

The lawyer went to JK Iguatemi, an upscale mall in the southern district of São Paulo. She posted the story of her tour on Instagram. “I come to the mall like a ‘mischievous’ looking for the rich. They are going to kick me out. There are only classy women here, well-dressed and I’m a ‘tyrant dog,’” she said, referring to how Barbara Borges was invited to the farm.

And the influencer showed her followers eye-catching items at the Prada store, such as crystal-encrusted gold sneakers and long-sleeved pajamas that were also studded with precious stones.

Afterwards, Deulan explained that she left the Prada store with very expensive bags: the items she bought were worth R$157,450. The influencer, already in the car with a suitcase, commented: “A basic tour, for the essentials… I needed this, Brazil! don’t judge me I work a lot.” Among the items purchased were five pairs of shoes, a wallet and sunglasses.

8 on the last day, Long live Devlane In it, he accused A Fazenda of being “TV’s biggest liar” and questioned the program’s director, Rodrigo Carelli.

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