If Devla fires Piya, they hand over the work

One of the 5th Roca members of the seasonDeolain Bezera quits her job for Bea Miranda as she is fired from Todayfarm 2022″ (Record TV). There was a dispute over the standings with Thomas Costa and Shayne Hugbin.

“She’ll take care of everything if you go out,” the lawyer told Gretchen’s granddaughter as she packed her bags.

“I am older than her,” said Petla.

But that’s bad-mouthing, Dylan joked. “A lot more than you.”

“And what will be my turn?” asked Strawberry Shortcake.

Moments ago, she asked Petal to stay strong, if her result is out tonight.

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Total 39100 good luck

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Fact: Brazil on TV

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