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Tiberio was played by Sergio Reis in the first version of ‘Pantanal’ in 1990.

Sergio Reyes recorded a section of the Pantanal
© Reproduction / Instagram / @serjaooficialSergio Reyes recorded a section of the Pantanal

Out of curiosity, the singer Sergio Ris I played the character Tiberius In the first edition of ‘Wet landFeatured in the headlines in the 1990s. A recent Globo edition writer, Bruno LuberiHe revealed that he called some of the actors who worked on the original to end the TV series at nine in the morning.

This was revealed on Thursday (8). Sergio Ris He will be in the team despite already supporting the boycott announcer From Rio. It turns out that Certanejo supports the current Brazilian government and does not like to be compared to ideals Roberto Marinho. In May, the artist gave an interview to Folha de São Paulo and took a political position.

I don’t want an alliance with Globo, I won’t help Globo in anything. do you understand Then I won’t. It will not add anything to my life. I don’t want to do anything the globe‘, he mentioned in the conversation. Along with expressing his opinion, he praised Gito’s performance in the game Tiberius In a new product.

They changed the story a lot. a [Guito, que interpreta] By the way, Tiberius is a good actor, with a mustache, good as hell. I saw talking to him Jose Leoncio sit at the table It never happened, he didn’t sit down to talk to him‘, analyzed. It is worth noting that Cristiana Oliveira, a Friday member since 1990, will also be featured.

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