Pastor and singer Andre Lavado, one of Brazil’s most prominent religious leaders, said on Saturday (1) that he no longer intends to participate in Red Globo events.

The leader of La Guinha Church in Orlando, United States, is very active on social media and has commented on politics since 2010. His followers asked him about the election situation in Brazil and he highlighted:

– “The President does not rule alone. You see the STF do and insult and Bolsonaro doesn’t succeed in doing much because they are in the minority there. “We have to keep Bolsonaro to put ministers there in the STF who preserve conservatism, preserve the traditional family, preserve religious freedom,” he explained.

He added:

Thank God, Lula never cheated on me. To give you an idea in 2010 I campaigned for Aécio Neves. I have always given my face to be slapped, because I have always seen that labor is always rotten. It has been more than 12 years and I am against the Labor Party – he added.

The evangelical pastor spent more than half an hour talking to his followers on social networks and was not criticized on the station when asked about the Red Globo artists’ support for Lula’s (Labor) presidential candidacy.

– This Artist Globo, see the level of this artist. See Level: Anita. This year I got four invitations to Red Globo events and I didn’t go, won’t go to Red Globo and won’t go to this shame anymore. This audience is not worth it, it is not worth it. None of this is worth it.”

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