BBB 23

Larissa tries to convince Cara de Sabato to veto Key Alves in Leader’s BBB23 test.

Larissa tries to convince the Commander to veto Key Alves from the Commander Test
© Play / TV GloboLarissa tries to convince the Commander to veto Key Alves from the Commander Test

The BBB 23 The game draws attention to the number of connected participants in the movement. Larissa, member Popcorn setAlready proven to be an excellent strategist and has connected with more than one strategist opposition group. The physical teacher’s last step is to make the current leader the head Shoe face.

She turned out to be a fighting girl MMA It is necessary for the leader to veto the next test, which will be held tomorrow. At the end of the afternoon (1), Larissa used all arguments to show the leader of the week that she would be the best policyBut failed to convince Camerot.

Hey dude, you’re not going to veto the leader test and leave the cowboys, are you?asked the young woman.Because she is good at testing and I think she will set me straight“, he declared. It turns out that earlier, Key had already spoken about their relationship in front of Larissa Uniquely free This is not one of her goals, which makes the girl’s strategy controversial.

The situation did not go down well on social networks and some netizens pointed out that Larisa’s behavior was contradictory. “Larissa She’s nervous because no one in the group wants to key out now and even veto her from the trial (Sabato said she won’t veto) and some want protection and some don’t (because her main points are directly on her).A netizen announced on Twitter.

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