"I survived";  In an interview with Marilia Gabriela, Juliette reflects on her life after fame and reveals details of what she was like before BBB.


The singer did not mince words and said that she was upset about the fact that she was famous

Photo 1: Clone of Juliet Freer / Instagram - Photo 2: Clone of Marilia Gabriela / Instagram
Photo 1: Clone of Juliet Freer / Instagram – Photo 2: Clone of Marilia Gabriela / Instagram

Previous BBB Juliet Freer She was the guest of journalist Marilia Gabriela on her way back from an interview program she aired on TV Brasileira. On YouTube, the singer did not hide her life after BBB21 and also talked about the fame she gained. With over 30 million followers, the singer is the most followed BBB in history.

In Frente com Gabi, the influencer went into more detail about her lack of freedom due to her fame.
“The only thing I still haven’t accepted is losing my freedom. still hurts I’m trying to adapt. People say ‘you can’t go there because it’s dangerous and there will be unrest,’ but I’m running.she said

Before that, she talked about going out to distract him. One such escape took place on his motorcycle, a video posted on his Instagram. “These days I took my motorcycle to the beach to get acai, no security, I felt the same way as before and I was happy. I’ll try to miss it, I don’t know how to be happy any other way. forever searching”he said

Finally, the heroine of the twenty-first edition assures that on the one hand her fame has complicated her personal life. In an excerpt from the interview, she said that she used to be more free, could go to clubs and be anonymous, which is impossible these days. [Ser famosa] This has made my life very complicated “I used to be in clubs, loose and kiss. I loved it! I still love it. But now I can’t do it. Usually the relationship is with the people involved [no mesmo meio], as cameraman and director. They are usually people who work or have a lot of perseverance. You must be steadfast”Speak in a calm tone.

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