A former contestant entered the house as a celebrity couple

© Photo 1 – Playback: Instagram / Tina Calamba | Photo 2 – Playback / TV GloboFormer BBB Tina mentions her experience with Guy from Reality and Famous Behavior

out of place Big brother BrazilFormer participants Tina Kalamba He broke his silence and commented on the recent controversies in which the singer was involved MCguime. At the beginning of the reality, she entered the model as Funkiro Jodi and was handcuffed to her brother for a week.

Now that Jimmy has been kicked out of the show, Tina has used her social networks to support her friend. In the comments on the video posted by Gimi, she left her message: “We are not perfect. I don’t agree with your position. I walked tied to you, shared the same bed with you for many days, we were together even after untying the bracelets! “.

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In her own words, Tina said that celebrities never disrespected her when it was really limited: “You respected me as a woman, so, my partner, you are still a diamond that will be polished like mine! Trust me.”

On social networks, the hype around the latest cases is still good. the singer LexaThe celebrity’s wife came out claiming to be powerless over the situation. After 10 years together, the couple is yet to reveal whether they will stay together or end their relationship.

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