"I can't wait until Thursday"


The participant opened his heart and expressed his desire to exit the game and start life here again

Biao breathes in the fields and says he is worried.  Photo: PlayPlus Play.
Biao breathes in the fields and says he is worried. Photo: PlayPlus Play.

Nerves are on edge in A Fazenda 14 (Record TV) and there is already a nervous pawn in the field below. This is the case of Thomas, who He did not limit his emotions while chatting with the people in his group. The actor opened his heart and revealed his desire to quit the game and start life here again. He admitted his concern about some allies wanting to save him and prevent him from facing the hot seat.

In a conversation with Pele, Tomasz said: “If someone saves Tomasz with all his filth, I will turn that person into a monster here. i don’t wantI ask, I begHe, who admitted he no longer wanted to stay at home, said: “I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it until Thursday.”He was desperate.

A few moments later, already in conversation with Alex and Kerlin, the actor maintained his position and reinforced his request to leave. “It Can’t Be Both of Us (In the Countryside)”Alex said. But the actor emphasized: “Brother, you can. I’ll be there.”he said Thomas who did not have the support of his friend: “Patient Thomas…”Alex said. “They Won’t Kill You”Curlin said. For Alex, the decision also depends on his friends: “Tomaj, let us also make up our minds. You tell us what we should do”.

Thomas agreed with his friend’s position: “Well, do what you want, but there’s only one thing left…”. Alex added: “Well, we already know. We’re having trouble. We’re having a good conversation and you’re scared, Tomas.”said the vanguard. The actor finally became attractive: “Of course, you don’t understand what’s going on with me. i have to go You don’t understand bro.. Alex tried to calm him down. “Calm down, we understand.”.

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