"I am a valuable woman"


The angle artist will reject the young man’s proposal

Sertao Sea: Merinho
© Images 1 and 2: Reproduction / TV GloboMar do Sertão: Mourinho is “fun” for Xavier, pays and gets it out

in be sirtauAnd that Zafira (Giovanna Cordero) He faces a series of misfortunes in his personal life. After losing her job and being kicked out of the hostel she lives in, the woman has no direction in her life and decides to leave Canta Pedra, however, she suffers after missing the one-way bus.

With no money or place to go, the scammer will find an unusual company. Merinho (Lucas Galvino) Find an aimless woman and ask her what she was doing there: “I’m here to help you! Tell me your fortune and I will take you‘ says the boy.

Without losing your sense of humor, ex-boyfriend Tertolino (Renato Gus) He will tell you that you have nowhere to go and no money:Anywhere. Only God knows my new address and He has not told me yet.” The information will excite Merinho, so he makes an offer: “There! I arrived! Come on, I have a nice room at the inn. I also have money…

However, Xaviera will not receive the offer with good and insulting eyes and shouts at the boy: “I recently realized that I am a woman of value, but money can’t buy it. So go on your way! Because today I was touched by the power of hate and you don’t want to see what this hate can do.

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