Music is the art form that moves people the most. Thus, many people not only love the songs, but also create a lot of emotions for those who sing them.

Having said that, it’s easy to see people acting like crazy about their idols. Spending huge sums of money, they are traveling a few kilometers to see it alive. When it is international, the effort may be higher.

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Rock music in Rio

Recently, a large number of people showed all their passion for the singer at one of the biggest music festivals in Brazil, Rock in Rio. Residents are already aware of this incident.

It gathers not only rock singers, but also Brazilian MPB artists and artists representing national and international pop music.

The group has a singer that Rio’s rock fans have been waiting for. Canadian Justin Bieber performed on the world stage during September 4. Some comments about his health have surfaced from place to place.

However, many wonder how much these artists earn to be able to provide quality music to all attendees. The truth is that the payments are really big. Find out how much Justin earned for being on the show below.

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Justin Bieber Push

Residents are eager to know how much 28-year-old singer Justin Bieber got to sing his 23 songs at Sided Do Rock’s Brazilian show. After much searching for this information, some columnists discovered the salary of the singers.

Justin Bieber received a total of $5 million to attend the event on the world stage. This amount is equivalent to 26 million Brazilian reals. Fans of the guy really enjoyed the singer’s appearance, but regretted the lack of potential surprises.

He arrived in the country hours before he started singing. They landed at Rodrigo de Freitas in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro. Beside him was his wife Hailey Bieber.

Very important to note is that this news was his last performance before the cancellation of the Justice League world tour. The decision came as a shock to many who were not expecting the procedure.

A few days after the show, the singer commented that after the show at Sided Do Rock, exhaustion took over his body. And so he realized it was time to take a break from his riding so he could take care of his health.

The news was received with great sadness from the fans, but they were all very sympathetic to the moment the singer is going through.

Many Brazilians were looking forward to seeing the singer perform in Brazil on September 14-15, where the tour will stop. Now, with the new news, the event has been canceled and many people don’t know what will happen.

Thus, those who missed seeing the Canadian on stage at Rock in Rio should wait for his recovery to learn more about the singer’s upcoming appearance.

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